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The HomeBiz Radio Show 

Converging economic, social and environmental forces are triggering a "workquake" across the North American business landscape, and "careers" will never be the same. The old bureaucratic work organizations are being dismantled and replaced by small, nimble firms, many of them home-based enterprises- that can adapt quickly to rapidly changing conditions. 

So how does a home business professional keep up-to-date? Listen to the HomeBiz show, a lively, fast paced information packed show now heard across North America on the Talk America Radio Network and simulcast on the Internet on Den Radio. The show is heard live Saturdays from 1-3pm EST. (10am-12pm PST) and covers topics of interest to the home business professional. Check out Upcoming Guests & Events and tune in! An article by Mr. HomeBiz, Allan Holender, will be featured in the December issue of Profit Magazine.

We also welcome you to the Homebiz Network web site, a one-stop-shop for information and resources for home-based business professionals! 

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Getting Organized  
Feel like you're drowning in paper, but not sure that it is worth the time required to get organized? Check out this week's Homebiz Minute for some pointers! 

The Future of Home Businesses  
All across the United States and Canada, millions of people have set up home offices and are working from their homes. They have swapped the insecurity of dependence on a corporation and the good will of a boss by starting their own home-based businesses–a new version of traditional North American entrepreneurship and independence! 

10 De-Stressers
Vicki Bentzen, editor of Home Sweet Office newsletter, looks at ways to take care of your most valuable asset - you!

Penny Pinching Marketing 
Ten great tips for marketing your home-based business!  

Getting the Most Out of the Web 
The CyberSisters from Digital Ripple look at the myriad of ways that the web can be a boon to home based business. Working smart on the web will save you time and money, make you look more polished and professional and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Technology News & Views
Join Sasa, The PC Watchdog with Attitude as he gives you the News and Views about technology in everyday language. Questions about Windows 95? Year 2000 bug? Check it out....

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This special section of our ECommerce Resource Centre contains many useful hints and tips about developing and marketing your web site. Brought to you by the CyberSisters from Digital Ripple.

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